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BRANDIA, Leading the pace of Branding evolution.

What the world perceives as a brand, or a branded experience, has been evolving for the last decades and it will keep doing so.

That’s why we evolved to become a pioneering network that combines different areas of expertise. Not to follow, but to lead the next stage of brand evolution.

Brands must answer
to business objectives.

That’s why we want to know
since the beginning of the
process what the KPIs
of the project are:

what are the specific goals
the company/person
wants to fulfill.

Brand universes are becoming more
and more dynamic, thus complex.

One of the most important tasks
is to ensure the coherence
and flexibility needed so the brand
can thrive in a truthful way.

Because your brand should speak like
no other brand.

Experts in global sports related branding projects.

Among our clients are FIFA for the World Cup 2018 & CONMEBOL.

And we work with the Baku Formula 1 Street Circuit.

Sometimes brands are recognized

by a sound or a melody.

We develop musical projects
and sound experiences to achieve
these unique brand memories.

Musicians, Bands, Performers,
Writers, Celebrities. Special people
can become special brands.

Why Choose Brandia?


BRANDIA is the first agency to ever launch a product in space when Russian astronauts revealed our World Cup 2018 Logo.


Our experienced Board and Management Members come from areas such as marketing, advertising, entertainment, corporate management, music and talent engagement.


We develop branding activities and share our expertise with other countries through IN’Group, an international network of independent agencies.