South Bay

The Municipalities of Almada, Barreiro and Seixal have unparalleled conditions that contribute to the quality of life of its population. Excellent transport infrastructures; cultural, sports and leisure amenities; schools and universities.
The Lisbon South Bay project will lead to improvements in the region’s infrastructures and facilities, sticking to a sustainable development philosophy, providing the population with an even better standard of living.
You’ll find the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon South Bay, mainly because there are loads of fishing villages, so all dishes are carefully prepared.
Project Details

Client: South Bay Lisbon

Date: October 27, 2016

Online: www.lisbonsouthbay.com/en/

Focused on the requalification of 3 riverside areas - Barreiro Business Park, Seixal Business Park and Water City (Almada) -, the Lisbon South Bay project will make the Lisbon Metropolitan area more competitive.
Empowering this area with an urban requalification plan and improving the actual infrastructures to develop business, this territory will stand as a synonym of economical activity and development.

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