Formula 1 Azerbaijan

Develop the best solution together with Baku Grand Prix LLC, creating the brand that will position Baku in motorsports’ history.
Baku is proud of its history. And eager to show its love for innovation. A brand that is created now, by joining past and contemporary. A true classic for times to come.
Creating the brand and campaign for the Baku Street Circuit: The value proposition of Baku Street Circuit and the Formula 1 Event that will take place from 2016 onwards.
Project Details

Client: Baku Grand Prix

Date: April 10, 2015

Online: www.bakucitycircuit.com/

Embedded in the beautiful, ancient and modern City of Baku and designed by the world renowned Formula 1® circuit designers, Tilke GmbH, the Baku Street Circuit’s brand and campaign must translate the exceptionality of the Baku Street Circuit and its unique (and daring!) design.
In doing so, Baku (and Azerbaijan) will be proving once more that they're just as able of hosting global ‘top-gear’ events as any other top cities around the world.

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