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With pleasure, we present Brandia Global S.A., a holding company with its head office in Luxembourg and operating companies in Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal.  The company will open offices in Moscow and Dubai shortly for the execution of projects in connection with FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™ and the World Expo 2020 in Dubai-UAE .

History and legacy

Originally established in Portugal, Brandia Global has a 30-year history of being one of the best-known developers and suppliers of brand identities in the international market, both for international sports federations and for the corporate market. Over the years, the company has worked for international top brands like Vodafone, IKEA, TAP Portuguese Airlines, FIFA, UEFA, TEFAF Art, ANA Portuguese National Airports, Red Knee, and many others.

At the height of its “design era”, Brandia employed approximately 250 people, a great many of whom had enormous creative talent. This resulted in almost 400 national and international creative and communication awards, including 8 Cannes Golden Lions.

For the international football community, Brandia created the brands, logos, and market positioning of several international championship tournaments: UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland/Ukraine, CONMEBOL Copa América 2015 in Chile, UEFA European Qualifiers 2016, UEFA Euro 2016 in France, FIFA European Qualifiers World Cup 2018, and FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™. Recently, the Company signed a three-year agreement with the South American Football Federation CONMEBOL for the “rebranding” of this organization and its flagship tournaments.

The next phase

Brandia Global designs brands that appeal directly to consumers. Having celebrated its 30th anniversary, the company is focused on the next thirty years, to turn the interest of these consumers into assets for the company. Nowadays, the consumer practically owns the media and the brands that vie for his support. With the power of social media, consumers can make or break a brand. It is Brandia’s mission to tie these consumers “for life” to the brands we work for, utilizing all modern high-end technology and techniques. Data create connections that spawn communities!

A visitor to a sports game, a concert or a dance event is not just the visitor of that event, but enters into a direct relationship with the brand supporting the event. Brandia plays a crucial part in establishing that connection, creating a direct bond between consumer/fan and her/his entertainment or sports hero.

Comprehensive growth

No longer limiting itself to designing brands, Brandia has been evolving into a consultancy and production company. Based on a strong brand identification, the company combines the consumer’s deep personal involvement in sports with entertainment, music, events, and the execution of loyalty programs. The role of technology is increasingly important to deliver results; with interactive platforms, Brandia executes its strategy to integrate sports, entertainment, music, and events in a comprehensive offer to the consumer, delivering the best possible result to its clients. With this philosophy, the consumer will be incentivized to purchase more products and services from the brand owner.

Recently, Brandia entered into long-term agreements with several international organizations to support them with the development and execution of their projects:

  • World Expo2020 Dubai-UAE  2016-2020
  • FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™  2016-2018
  • CONMEBOL, South America 2016-2019
  • UEFA Champions League Participants 2017-2018
  • 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ 2016-2022
  • Circuit de Sarthe Le Mans, France from 2017
  • Baku, Azerbaijan, Formula 1 Grand Prix  2016-2018


Building IPRs

Brandia develops its own IPR formats. When successful in one country, they can be adapted and used again in other territories. To be successful, a format needs to present to the consumer a new, preferably interactive experience. Expanding success creates a solid base for the increasing value of the IPR-portfolio with loyal clients. When utilizing the IPRs, the basic philosophy remains: “Think global, act local”.

  • IPRs portfolio development:
    • Proprietary strong branding technology and methodology
    • Proprietary system for Micro Data collection
    • Comprehensive Arena Project model
      • Next events:
        • FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™
        • UEFA Euro 2020 various countries
      • Merchandising for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™
      • Formula 1 Grand Prix Baku, Azerbaijan with merchandising
      • Concept for Champions League public viewing with entertainment

Brandia Global Summary

 Business overview and market

  • Brandia Global SA is now a Luxembourg-based holding corporation of a group of growth-oriented new market-driven companies
  • The company will transfer its corporate seat and Headquarters to London shortly
  • The Company is active in the following markets, creating comprehensive synergy between the different branches:
  • Branding and Design
  • Sports marketing
  • Event marketing and production
  • Development, consultancy and exploitation of music: composers, song writers, producers, deejays and performing talent
  • Development and operation of technology-driven online client service platforms
  • Design and execution of consumer/retail loyalty programs
  • Design, sales and marketing of merchandising products
  • Consultancy, design and execution of advertising campaigns (both through traditional media and on new-media platforms)
  • Rapidly growing markets

Cutting edge Technology

  • Rapid growth of global expenditures in branding, design, advertising, event marketing, sports marketing and digital markets
  • Growth rate in these fields considerably higher than general economic growth
  • Internet and ever-expanding mobile communication are dramatically changing the industry
  • Increasing shift of branding, content development, advertising and marketing efforts to all platforms of mobile communication
  • Integration of events (content) and mobile communication, creating communities of people with joint interests


The Board of Directors comprises Messrs. Joost Taverne (CEO), Unico Glorie and Lawrence Bosschaart.

Mr. Taverne (1948), CEO, has been active in sports marketing since 2006, with many years of experience in the general management of diversified companies under his belt. During six years, he was managing director of Harlekijn Holland, the company responsible for the management of all activities of the Dutch international artist Herman van Veen and several others. Since then. Mr. Taverne was involved in the management of a great variety of companies, part of which were involved in the entertainment and leisure industries.

Mr. Glorie (1964), Member of the Board of Directors, responsible for the Entertainment and Music departments, as well as for the Portuguese operation, is a passionate no-nonsense entrepreneur and business man with his heart in the media and entertainment world. At 29, he was the youngest director ever in the Dutch public broadcast environment, as managing director of Veronica Radio & Television. He became a member of the Executive Board of Veronica’s parent company, RTL Group. After a stint as member of the Executive Board of Endemol from 2002 to 2004, Mr. Glorie co-founded the interactive television company 2wayTraffic, and brought it successfully to the London Stock Exchange with a listing at the AIM.

Mr. Bosschaart (1974), Member of the Board of Directors, responsible for all operational activities throughout the company. He is a former owner of a construction company and current owner of an architectural design and consultancy studio. Mr. Bosschaart is in charge of all operations.

Term Sheet for Investment in shares of Brandia Global S.A.

 July 27, 2017

Brandia Global S.A. a corporation with limited liability (societé anonyme) established and existing under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with its office at 211 rue des Romains, L-8041 Bertrange, Luxembourg, hereafter referred to as “Brandia Global”:

  • issued and paid-in capital of € 31.000
  • divided in 31,000,000 shares with a par value of € 0,001 each

Public listing London:  Brandia Global is preparing a public listing/IPO of its shares at the   London Stock Exchange, anticipated first date of listing by the end of Q1, 2018. Inasmuch as shareholders will have the opportunity to liquidate part of their shares at the IPO, new shareholders from this offering will be allowed to liquidate a proportional part of their shares at that time

Anticipated introduction price at listing:   ±GBP 4,00 per share

Payment and Closing: through German Treuhand:

ProRatio Treuhand und Wirt-schaftsConsult Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
Augustinusstrasse 9d 50226 Frechen
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Geschäftsführung: Dipl-Kfm H.G. Michels WP/StB.